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    The most comprehensive collection of Broadway selections ever organized specifically for tenors. Contains important songs chosen because of their appropriateness to that particular voice type. All selections are in their authentic form and keys, excerpted from the original vocal scores.

    The songs in The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology series, written by such noted composers as Kurt Weill, Richard Rodgers, Stephen Sondheim, and Jerome Kern, are vocal masterpieces ideal for the auditioning, practicing or performing vocalists.

    Table of contents:

    * A New Love Is Old
    * A Wand'ring Minstrel I
    * All I Need Is The Girl
    * All Kinds Of People
    * Being Alive
    * Come With Me
    * Fanny
    * Fifty Million Years Ago
    * Finishing The Hat
    * I Am In Love
    * I Could Write A Book
    * I Do Not Know A Day I Did Not Love You
    * If You Could See Her
    * Johanna
    * Kansas City
    * King Herod's Song
    * Ladies In Their Sensitivities
    * Lonely House
    * Love, I Hear
    * Make Someone Happy
    * Many Moons Ago
    * Not While I'm Around
    * On The Street Where You Live
    * Seeing Is Believing
    * Sitting Pretty (The Money Song)
    * Someone Is Waiting
    * Stranger In Paradise
    * That's The Way It Happens
    * The Ballad Of Billy M'Caw
    * The Big Black Giant
    * The Breeze Kissed Your Hair
    * The Only Home I Know
    * The Wild Justice
    * When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love
    * Wish You Were Here
    * You Are Beautiful
    * You Are Never Away
    * You're Devastating
    * You've Got To Be Carefully Taught
    * Younger Than Springtime