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    The Actor's Songbook: Women's Edition. Published by Hal Leonard. Softcover, 240 pages. A wonderfully diverse collection of comedy songs, character songs, Vaudeville numbers, dramatic songs, and ballads for the actor who sings. A perfect resource for finding an audition piece or specialty number. Song list: * Anyone Can Whistle * Baby, Won't You Please Come Home * The Best In The World * Bewitched * Carousel (La Valse A Mille Temps) * Chain Store Daisy * Cla-Wence (Don't Tweat Me So Wuff) * Could I Leave You? * Dance: Ten; Looks: Three * Fade Out-Fade In * Falling Out Of Love Can Be Fun * Get Out Of Town * Gooch's Song * Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm * Heads Or Tails * I Ain't Down Yet * I Went To A Marvelous Party * I'm Still Here * I've Gotta Crow * It's A Perfect Relationship * Just A Housewife * The Ladies Who Lunch * Last One Picked * Laughing Matters * Life Upon The Wicked Stage * Losing My Mind * Loving You * Mad About Him, Sad Without Him, How Can I Be Glad Without Him Blues * Mad About The Boy * Miss Baltimore Crabs * Miss Marmelstein * Never Will I Marry * Nothing * Nothing Like You've Ever Known * Old Folks (Les Vieux) * One Hundred Easy Ways To Lose A Man * The Secret Service * Shy * So What? * Special * Supper Time * Take Back Your Mink * Third Letter Home * To Keep My Love Alive * A Trip To The Library * What Makes Me Love Him? * What Would You Do? * Where, Oh Where * Why Did I Choose You?