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    Stomp Live DVD. Anamorphic, Color, Dolby, Surround Sound, THX, Widescreen, 140 minutes. Region 1. Special features include an interview with Stomp creators; Stomp tour previews; behind the scenes footage; history of Stomp; performer bios.

    The innovative and eclectic dance troupe that has stunned audiences for years is captured here in one of their most dynamic live performances. From garbage cans to soup spoons, these artists use found objects to create soulful sounds and use their bodies to inspire the soul.

    One of the most successful stage productions of all time comes home to Brighton, England, in this release featuring a Summer 2008 performance of the show that's entertained more than fifteen million people across forty-two countries. For anyone who's never experienced Stomp firsthand, this performance offers the next best thing to being there. Discovered on the streets of Europe, Stomp would incredibly evolve to become a global phenomenon, entertaining audiences from London to Las Vegas with its idiosyncratic combination of athleticism and physical comedy. Rhythm is the only language as eight performers take the stage to show how such everyday objects as cigarette lighters, water bottles, and brooms can become percussive instruments with as much sonic potential as a full-size drum set. After combining dance and rhythm in "Hands and Feet" and taking flight in "Suspension," the Stompers bring the audience to their feet with the show-stopping "Bins" routine, in which trash cans, oil bins, and other oversized receptacles are utilized to create a truly unique and powerful musical experience. - Jason Buchanan