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    The most comprehensive collection of Broadway selections ever organized specifically for baritone/bass voices. Contains important songs chosen because of their appropriateness to that particular voice type. All selections are in their authentic form and keys, excerpted from the original vocal scores.

    The songs in The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology series, written by such noted composers as Kurt Weill, Richard Rodgers, Stephen Sondheim, and Jerome Kern, are vocal masterpieces ideal for the auditioning, practicing or performing vocalists.

    Table of contents:

    * A Rhyme For Angela
    * All I Care About
    * As Some Day It May Happen
    * Come Back To Me
    * Don't Go
    * Funeral Tango (Le Tango Funebre)
    * Gaston
    * Gigi
    * Happily Ever After
    * I Confess
    * I Don't Remember You
    * I Hate Musicals
    * If I Can't Love Her
    * If I Sing
    * In Every Age
    * Isn't It?
    * It's Hard To Speak My Heart
    * Justice Will Be Done
    * King's Dilemma
    * Last One Picked
    * Laughing Matters
    * Les Poissons
    * Lost In The Darkness
    * Lucky To Be Me
    * Mama, A Rainbow
    * Me
    * On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
    * Paris By Night
    * Private Conversation
    * Sam And Me
    * Santa Fe
    * Smile
    * The Baby Song
    * The Bulls (Les Toros)
    * The Devil You Know
    * The Greatest Star Of All
    * The Kid Inside
    * The Sadder But Wiser Girl
    * There She Is
    * What Kind Of Fool Am I?
    * Where Was I When They Passed Out The Luck?
    * You Should Be Loved