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    Thursday, April 8 - 8:00PM EST

    Plymouth Point, from Swamp Motel, is an immersive theatrical thriller for 2 to 6 players. The at-home experience starts on Zoom for you and up to five others.

    Ivy has gone missing. The residents of Plymouth Point are concerned. Gather your team and get your ticket to join the Residents Watch Meeting. Be transported into a world of conspiracy, cults and corporate deceit. You don’t need to be physically together; it’s designed to work best with each team member on their own separate laptop or computer, with one person sharing their screen with the team. You’ll get an email with instructions, and then it’s up to you to see where the story takes you. Everything takes place online, and there’s plenty to explore - you’ll need to hunt for clues, crack codes and discover passwords to piece together the story. Depending on your sleuthing skills, it should last around 60 minutes, but be warned - you only have 1 hour and 15 minutes to find Ivy before time runs out.


    - This immersive experience is best enjoyed with 2 - 6 players.
    - The content of this experience is comparable to a PG-13 rated movie.
    - Designed for participants comfortable navigating the internet and social media.
    - A Zoom link will be emailed to ticket purchaser the morning of April 8th.
    - The purchaser is responsible for forwarding the Zoom link to players in their group.
    - A maximum of 6 players (including the purchaser) can play with the purchase of ticket.
    - Sales end April 7 at 8PM ET.

    Plymouth Point is devised and directed by Clem Garritty and Ollie Jones, the co-founders and Creative Directors of immersive entertainment company, Swamp Motel. Clem and Ollie are also Creative Associates at Punchdrunk and together co-founded the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed comedy theatre company Kill the Beast.

    “★★★★ Seriously gripping stuff… this interactive experience transforms the internet into your very own sprawling adventure playground.”
    -The Guardian
    “It’s not easy to mimic the tension of a real-life escape room through a laptop, but when your friends are shrieking at you via Zoom to jot down the latest clue, the stress does not feel virtual… believable enough to make at least one jumpy team member scream.”
    -Time Out