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    Relive this Tony Award nominated show day after day after day with the Original Cast Recording of Groundhog Day. Join the Olivier Award winning Andy Karl as he tries to conquer a never-ending Groundhog Day and earn the love of his unsuspecting co-worker!

    Please note, this CD will ship on or before May 12, 2017.

    Tracks include;

    1. Overture

    2. There Will be Sun

    3. Day One

    4. Day Two

    5. Day Three

    6. Stuck

    7. Nobody Cares

    8. Philandering

    9. One Day

    10. Entr'acte

    11. Playing Nancy

    12. Hope

    13. Everything About You

    14. If I Had My Time Again

    15. Everything About You (Reprise)

    16. Night Will Come

    17. Philanthropy

    18. Punxsutawney Rock

    19. Seeing You