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    A pack of 6 archival-quality polypropylene sleeves with acid-free backing boards for use in the Ultimate Playbill Binder only. Fits contemporary-sized Playbills measuring 5 3/8" by 8 1/2". Please note, these sleeves will not attach to the Basic Playbill Binder, which is not a three-ring binders like the Ultimate Binder. The Basic Playbill Binder uses a different mechanism to hold the Playbills in place. The Playbill Ultimate Binder comes with 18 archival quality polypropylene sleeves with acid-free backing boards. Because so many of our customers have very large collections and wish to fit as many Playbills as possible into the Ultimate Binders, we offer this extra pack of six sleeves to bring the total number of Playbills held in the Ultimate Binder to 24 - the absolute limit we recommend before the stress of overstuffing the binder may damage the spine of the binder and your Playbills over time.