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    The complete vocal score of the musical. Music by Marvin Hamlish, lyrics by Edward Kleban. Softcover, 224 pages. This is a reduction of the orchestral score rather than a standard piano arrangement; the full orchestral score is reduced to one piano part with a few additional notes indicating what parts other instruments would play. It is a bit more challenging to play than the standard "Piano/Vocal/Guitar" arrangements you'll find in A Chorus Line Piano/Vocal Selections. But it's also much, much more comprehensive. Every piece of music in the show, from incidental bits and underscoring to full numbers and reprises are included here, as are all the vocal parts. Not just the lead vocal lines - all the choral parts are notated. All the musical and spoken lead-ins to songs are also included. Both versions of "One" are here for your enjoyment; the "rehearsal" version and the finale version. As is the complete rendition of the brilliant production number, "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love". In short, every note played or sung in the original Broadway show is here. In addition, all the vocal parts are notated with the name of the character that sings them. If you want to be able to play and sing every part of Marvin Hamlisch's score, the complete vocal score is the one to choose. We carry more than 50 complete Broadway vocal scores at